I’m actually still alive…

… just not making reviews. It’s almost been a year now since I last made a review. I recently finished my second year in university, and let’s just say that priorities have really shifted for me. I’m really into what I’m studying, and thus I’ve been into books and reading a lot. And well, reading takes up time.

Reviews will come… soon… I plan to finally review some of my figures I’ve been amassing over the last two years. I’ve been planning some stuff; nothing amazing or fantastical, but hey, I’m back? Sorta? It’s gonna take a while to get some stuff done though; the next post I’ll make will definitely be in early July; personal matters that I have to settle. But yes, reviews will come.

As an aside, it’s kinda amazing how I still have a little bit of traffic over the last year, even when I haven’t been posting stuff up.


The lack of updates…?

Well, let’s face it. I suck at keeping to my own schedules when it comes to non-fansubbing and non-work stuff.

The truth is… I’m not that into collecting figures any more. I’ve scaled back in terms of my collection. As a result, I don’t really feel a lot of excitement when reviewing a figure. That’s why I’m doing other stuff instead… like reading, fansubbing etc. I find more fun in doing those things than to do a figure review.

So here’s the plan. No, I’m not shutting down this blog. But as of now, this blog will only be updated whenever I feel like posting a review, or posting stuff up on here. Collecting and reviewing figures used to be fun. Now it’s just tiring and burdensome. Hence, the lack of reviews and photos.

I guess as we grow, our likes and dislikes change as well. =/


Update: 20/6/13

Wait, where’s the new review?

Well, I was busy settling some real life matters over the week, so no reviews this week. I’ll definitely post new stuff next week though.

In other news, the haze situation in Singapore is getting very bad. For those who don’t know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Southeast_Asian_haze



So recently I’ve been listening to the Showa Ultraman songs, and I really love Taro’s opening. So here it is, along with the translations done by myself.

Opening song: Ultraman Taro
– Lyrics: Aku Yuu
– Composer/Arrangement: Kawaguchi Makoto
– Performers: Takemura Tarou, and the Boys and Girls Choir

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Review: S.H. Figuarts BoukenRed

Well, about darn time? I should first start by saying that ALL photos here were taken not with my DSLR, but with my camera phone. So forgive me if some of the pictures turn out blur. My battery for the DSLR is giving me problems. Hopefully my DSLR will be ready when I plan to shoot Red Hawk.

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Some overdue updates…

As you can see on the sidebar on the right, my backlog of figures for review has been growing longer… and longer…

So, the plan is to start reviewing some of these figures next week, and hopefully clear out most of the backlog in due course… Here’s what I have in mind…

First up, I want to clear up the Sentai backlog. That means, you should expect SHF BoukenRed and Red Hawk to be done, so as to complete the three official members that appeared in season one of AkibaRangers. (I may most probably not do SHF Red Buster and SRC DaiZyuJin yet.)

Second, I want to clear the Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine and Deadpool together as a double review.

Third, I will do MAFEX Spider-Man, along with Marvel Select Rhino, Venom, Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spidey, Marvel Classics Iron Spider-Man. (And maybe even Marvel Select Anti-Venom and Marvel Classics Venom and Carnage, when I get my hands on them.)

Fourth, I will clear Revoltech Iron Man Mk. VI and War Machine as a double review as well. Following that, I’ll review Marvel Legends Stealth Armor Iron Man and Titanium Man as a double review as well.

Fifth, SHF Riderman and Kamen Rider X.

Sixth would be Ultra Act Ultraman (Renewal), Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace and Ultra Father (and maybe Nexus).

Seventh would be TF Prime Darkness Megatron and TF Go! Optimus Prime.

And so on…

But my track record of keeping to my review plans has been… less than stellar. Reason? I have (re)found my love in sketching and vector art (http://msz006zeta.deviantart.com/). I’ve been working on stuff like that as of late. Plus, health issues have been bothering me too. (It’s not a big deal though.) Either way, I hope to clear up the first four sets of items I’ve listed above by the end of June.

In the mean time, enjoy the following two images: (I picked them up cheap. Titanium Man only cost me S$13, while Morales Spidey only cost me S$25.)


I am alive!

Well, I’m still alive. And yes, I have new stuff in my collection. It’s the holidays now. Hopefully I can get some reviews done.

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