I’m actually still alive…

… just not making reviews. It’s almost been a year now since I last made a review. I recently finished my second year in university, and let’s just say that priorities have really shifted for me. I’m really into what I’m studying, and thus I’ve been into books and reading a lot. And well, reading takes up time.

Reviews will come… soon… I plan to finally review some of my figures I’ve been amassing over the last two years. I’ve been planning some stuff; nothing amazing or fantastical, but hey, I’m back? Sorta? It’s gonna take a while to get some stuff done though; the next post I’ll make will definitely be in early July; personal matters that I have to settle. But yes, reviews will come.

As an aside, it’s kinda amazing how I still have a little bit of traffic over the last year, even when I haven’t been posting stuff up.


1 Response to “I’m actually still alive…”

  1. 1 godzilla898
    15/06/2014 at 11:21 AM

    Good to hear from you again, even if it’s to say “no reviews for a while sorry.” Far too often blogs like this are put on hiatus and never heard from again.
    But as long as you’re planning on getting back to reviews, that’s good news to me!

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